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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Start A Business

What better way to start the week than a review on seven great ideas to move your business and your sales forward?

A woman usually has multiple contacts and if she does not, she is usually determined to do the work necessary to help her start the business and fill in the holes. Most women are not quitters and when they have a dream it is a challenge .

I Think Everyone Should Be In Business For Themselves - Jeff offers up some great advice on how to start your own business and where you should focus your attention. I completely agree with him, that everyone should be in business for .

Locally we have several manifestations of government interceding in business from Enterprise zones to business development centers, tax incentives to a plethora of seemingly alike economic development boards, authorities, commissions, .

Some new entrepreneurs give the name of their new business almost no thought. Others agonize over the best name to capture the true essence of their business. I always tended to fall into the latter category. With one new start up we .

George to Las Vegas is an hour and a half drive, certainly to long to bring groceries back home. So I began to think, this could work towards my advantage. Why not bring my favorite parts of Las Vegas to St. George and start a business? .

…and counting until I start my new position. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. If I had to stay here any longer than that, I might just have to have Jeff ship me off to the loony bin. And I am not exaggerating. .

When you first start your business you often don't have much money to spend on a professional designer, so you bootstrap it. You have a friend or friend of a friend do it, or you go with a basic text logo or clip art. .

. intersection point where visitor and business interests intersect. I'm being paid to give the client what he or she wants. I really hate it when that happens. I try to sniff out these kinds of jobs before they start, and back away. .

Here are five choice articles from the business press to start off your workweek. I'm pointing you to articles about recession (or something very much like it), Honda, recruiting only the best, competitive intelligence and a list of top .

When ever people start a business,there are minimum ethics of Informing,and taking note periodically ,where is case sheet from start,did you INform me at begining and duration it going to take ,and full consequences,and about the .

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